Corpus Christi shrine in Münsterberg


In the middle of the Primary School no. 4 Sports Field, there is a tiny Corpus Christi shrine; the origins of the shrine date back to the events of the first half of the 18th Century. According to the legend, a soldier, one Joseph Hötzel, arrived in the gardens located on the site of the old castle, having previously stolen host from the monastery church in Henryków. The villain prayed to the stolen host in hope of having his wishes fulfilled. When his prayers failed him, however, the desperate Hötzel pinned the stolen host with his bayonet and shot it several times with his pistol. Then he lost consciousness and fell to the ground. When he came to, he ran away. However, his sacrilege haunted him constantly, so eventually the poor soldier confessed everything to his superiors who decided to turn him in. The court found Joseph guilty of sacrilege. As a punishment, he was burned on a stake on 25 April 1725, but first, his hand, with which he committed his crime, was cut off. According to the local legend, before his painful demise, the soldier carved out of the tree, to which he had pinned the host, a small crucifix which today is displayed in the museum in Münsterberg. In order to redeem the sacrilegious soldier, the citizens of Münsterberg decided to build a shrine on the site of his crime. The shrine was opened in 1738 and, to redeem the sacrilege, it was dedicated to Corpus Christi. Is also no longer used for worship and belongs to the local school.


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