The name of this town, located in eastern Czech Republic, originates from Prince Jaromír of the House of Přemyslid; however, the first written mention of the town was made as early as 1126. Jaroměř is located at the confluence of three rivers: the Elbe, the Úpa and the Metuje, and is said to be a town of gardens and parks. The centre of the historic market square with arcade walkways is dominated by the Marian Column, sculpted in the years 1723–1727 by Matthias Bernhard Braun. The most important historic building in Jaroměř is the Gothic church of St Nicholas. The church is adjoined by the bell tower with a gate; in the Middle Ages, the so-called Polish Road passed through the gate.

In Jaroměř, you will also find the former Imperial Josefov fortress, built as a defensive facility against the Prussian military. The construction of the fortress began in 1780. Josefov boasts the most complex underground defensive complex in Central Europe. The unique section of the above- and underground fortification system is one greatest fortifications of the second half of the 18th Century. Josefov has a number of historical buildings hosting various museums.

Contact: www.jaromer-josefov.cz

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